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You have achieved numerous accomplishments over the years; now you deserve some time-off and focus on things which make you happy in your new stage in life - spending time with family or cultivating new hobbies. Our team will handle all the mundane chores and responsibilities, so you will have more time to rekindle with things that truly matter. Our highly trained Wellness Nurse and dedicated staff provide a Resident-Oriented approach to retirement living. They are available to provide wellness checks and emergency responses as well as emotional support and guidance.
Hamilton Independent Living
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Living at Hamilton High Street Senior Residence empowers your independence and freedom to live your life worry free. Take the time to uncover a new passion in your life by delegating the household chores to our team and by really focusing on what you need to make your life beautiful.


Continue living with dignity in your home by coordinating with the wellness team to have scheduled assistance in the privacy of your suite. Here at Hamilton High Street Senior Residence, our dedicated and skilled team can provide you with care for your changing needs. Assisted Living at our Residence is also ideal for those who require medication management.


Our long term care neighbourhood, located on the main floor on the west wing provides a high quality level of personalized attention with daily support and dedicated care staff that enhances the quality of life in a safe, relaxed and secure environment.

We offer 12 private studios in a fully secure area. Comfortable home-like suites feature an environment that is light, warm and cheerful. The lounge and airy space provide a calming atmosphere. Floor to ceiling windows and an outdoor enclosed garden is a private sanctuary to enjoy all seasons.