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It’s Unhealthy to Lie – A Polygraph History

Jul 23 0 Comments

Polygraphs have been around forever and have been used for a very long time. Normally they are used to detect people’s psychological changes and pulses to detect lies and other fibs they may be telling. It is important that as a human it is very difficult for even the best of the best liars to get passed a lie detector. You do not want to even bother trying to get away with it because not only will you most likely fail, but you will also get charged with even more and have an even harder time in court dealing with your case.

Where did Polygraphs come from?

The polygraph was originally invented in 1921 by John Larson. Looking for a way to get better results off of interrogating people or getting another more un-biased way to see if people were being honest with the people asking questions, was the motive for this invention.

Ever since then, many companies have popped up penalizing in lie detectors and are doing quite well for themselves. (http://www.liedetectortest.uk/the-history-of-the-polygraph)

They are often hired on to take control of these parts of the investigations and are really the go to guys when trying to find the liar and honest responses in investigations or interrogations. It is important to note that not anyone can become a lie detector operator. You must pass many government standard checks, complete tests and take multiple mental health checkups. This will show that you are able and ready to take on this serious task and find the criminals in the billions of honest, good people.

If you are interested in how polygraphs work, make sure you check out that link above and take a good look around. There is a lot of interesting stuff, people and cases surrounded by these polygraphs and a lot of history has been bended and re-written because of these amazing devices.


Make the investment on a new futon cover this year!

Jul 06 0 Comments

Furniture can be quite an investment, especially if you’re putting your money into choosing good quality pieces that will last many years. When furnishing your home, you will have to decide between low quality, inexpensive items that won’t last long before they need replacing, or putting that money towards higher quality things that you can enjoy for a long time and depend on to last. If you’re choosing to invest in good furniture, you will likely also want to change it’s look as trends or your tastes change.

Trends can change quickly but, you don’t have to replace your furniture collection to get a completely 3848547987_b451845ae4_znew look. With a few simple and less expensive changes, it’s easy to give your furniture an on-trend makeover. Futons are especially easy to change the look of, because a different futon cover can totally change the look quite easily. And, a cover is far less expensive to update and replace than the entire futon. A new futon cover, paired with a few new throw pillows, will give your futon an entirely different look, without having to invest much money.

And, if you’ve decided to move your futon to another room in the house, it’s quite easy to adapt its look to the décor of its new surroundings, simply by changing the futon cover. You may also want to change the look from season to season, which is easily done by slipping a new cover on. A new look for the new season keeps things fresh and keeps your décor updated. Keeping up with trends doesn’t have to break the bank when you have a futon that’s so easy to transform with a quick wardrobe change. Don’t let the look of your futon lag behind the latest trends, when it’s so easily brought up-to-date with a cover in the hottest new colors, patterns or fabrics.

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